Customer Testimonials

Jana S.

"I have been a customer of Teresa's for several years now. I first met her when she was working for someone else. I was very impressed with her professionalism, her concern for her client and her skill. I was very relaxed and pleased at the end of each massage.

As so many of us do, I strayed away from getting routine massages. I finally started back again with her in the past several months, and am very glad that I have done so.

Teresa is very good; she makes sure the room and the client is comfortable, and that her touch is just right. She wants to apply the right amount of pressure for each muscle group to obtain the desired outcome.

I have had massages done at many of the spa businesses in town; I can wholeheartedly recommend Teresa for anyone who is interested in getting a good massage and a good value.

I am not only a satisfied and returning customer, I am a nurse practitioner. I have referred several of my patients to Teresa for massage therapy.

I hope you give her an opportunity to win you over to regular massage appointments!"

Kristy H.


Thank you so much for the message and massage.  :)  It was wonderful!!!!! 

I had no soreness afterward and melted into my pillow and had a great night of rest. 

I have received 3 other professional massages by 3 different licensed massage
therapists and yours by FAR Teresa was the very best. 

I appreciate how professional and discrete you were when you were giving the massage. 

The music was at a perfect sound level, I loved the warm environment, and please do not take this the wrong way, but during the massage you were not too chatty, it was me who was chatty.  :) 

It was so easy to relax and I look so forward to coming back to see you.  I loved everything about it. 

Teresa, you have a true gift and I was blessed for you to share this with me. 
I will be back for a hot stone massage in April.  My birthday is on the 6th and I have told my husband that is what I want for a gift.  :)"